Interactive sound art sculpture

Life tree is interactive sound instrumental sculpture based on Taoism philosophy. Taoism is the belief that bad things and good things are always co-existing in everyday objects. This co-existed structure will be on everything. Negative and positive combinations create harmony and noise.This playful sculpture piece generate sounds with eggs. If people put the egg on the nests, the tree makes sounds.  The sounds will change depending on the nest's location and the egg's positive and negative sides.   Black sides makes negative sounds, white sides makes positive sounds. By depending on location, egg's sides and numbers of the eggs create comfortable and uncomfortable sounds.

Life treeは音を奏でるインタラクティブアート作品です。東洋の儒教などに見る、人生の中で明るい面も暗い面も共存しているという哲学にインスピレーションを受けて制作をした作品です。



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