Interactive sculpture which emits light when you place a egg on the hand

Ideas for this "hand, on" piece is inspired by a Japanese 'animistic' view of life as well as one of my pieces, "Oshibe". Animism, which is the belief that everything has a spirit including everyday objects such as trees and plants; it is a belief in Japan that has existed since ancient times. Particularly on this project I am interested in theory of Reiki and Ki, these theories state that the hands can be used to create special powers for healing our body.
Within the project i have used light to communicate the synonyms about birth and to celebrate life. I have tried to represent these mythic principles within in this work using varying textures and light.

"Hand, on"は手の形をした、

December 2013 Small is beautiful XXXI, Flowers gallery, London
February 2011 Kinetica Art Fair, London
Past Exhibition


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