Interactive animation

This is an interactive installation animation about Peckham in South London where the gallery is placed.  This work show a positive response of this multicultural town.
Peckam is densed city, however at the same time, this caos can be interesting and beautiful. We put four animations on one interactive moving image screen with four pressure mats. These big buttons will react with audience's position on the screen.
This is a group work with Ayesha, Lucy, Hassan and chandra. At this work, Tomomi handled art direction, idea development, interactive programing, and introduction foot print animations by MAX/MSP and flash.

Ayesha, Lucy, Hassan and chandraとのグループワークの作品です。. 左右田はディレクション、アイデアディベロップメント、アニメーション制作、 MAX/MSPのプログラミングに関わりました。



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