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Lighting kit made of Japanese hand woven paper
New lighting series "Daydream" is made of Japanese hand woven paper.
Colourful organic shaped sculptures are inspired by Japanese traditional bold unique icons for special celebrations such as "Koinobori" which are carp shaped characters to celebrate boys day and "Hanawa"which is a big flower stand to celebrate opening of new shops.
Each piece is hand made in London.


Media appearance


May 2012 inhabitat

May 2012 Mocoloco

May 2012 Meteor dog

Past exhibition
May 2012 ICFF New York
Sprout : Large 56cm3
Cherry : Large 56cm3
Sprout : Medium 43cm3
Cherry : Medium 43cm3
Rainbow : Medium 43cm3
Cherry : Small 35cm3
Rainbow : Small 31cm3
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