Tomomi Sayuda

An exhibition design with large origami pieces Tomomi was involved in a Fashion designer, Helen Storey`s MBE celebration exhibition design project at kin Design. To celebrate Storey`s career of fashion and science, we made backlighted sculptures with large pieces of origami.

Ideas for this "hand, on" piece is inspired by a Japanese 'animistic' view of life as well as one of my pieces, "Oshibe". Animism, which is the belief that everything has a spirit including everyday objects such as trees and

Masks give psychological strength to be able to speak in public > MENU 'The Mask of Soul' gives psychological strength to be able to speak in public. It hides the speaker's identity and its microphone picks up the speaker's voice and plays

Origami lighting sculpture covered on a digital photo booth at Kin design Tomomi created origami sculpture to cover digital photo booth for Google London new office launch party at Old Street on 20th March, 2012. Credit Creative director:

Theatrical experience machine about 3D screen future Technology and science has had such an impact in making our lives brighter. Currently, an iPhone screen shows just 2D, but in the future, it might show 3D objects. No one can be sure

  Lighting series "Daydream" is made of Japanese hand woven paper. Colourful organic shaped sculptures are inspired by Japanese traditional bold unique icons for special celebrations such as "Koinobori" which are carp shaped characters to celebrate boys day and "Hanawa"which is a

An office stationary set for celebration of your stressful work ‘Desktop Fireworks’ is a digital art piece about how I can deliver some positivity in a stressful work environment. ‘Desktop Fireworks’ looks like an ordinal set of office stationary, at glance.

Playful Christmas card project at kin design 12 folds are playful Christmas card design project at kin Design. Each cards come with 12 origami folds and a LED and a battery, which will turn into a small christmas light with watching

A machine to create extreme hair styles to change your image immediately Your hair makes a personal statement about you – it's part of your physical being and we can wear it as we want. So most people want to show